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Additional Hand Signals


(for example because of a drowned scrubber)

"Self Knockout" (Hook your own Chin).

For friends of more verbose communication:

  1. get your comrades attention
     and then:
  2. show: "something is not ok"
  3. point (as good as possible) to the scrubber-area of the rebreather
  4. hook your own shin

High Setpoint:


Low Setpoint:

Inverted "V"

Flushing the Loop:

Old fashioned toilet flush (chain type) with pointing to the according feed

Leak ? or !

catching virtual Bubbles with two fingers

Reminding about decompression obligation:

Flat Hand above the head moving forwards and back,

symbolizeing groping the ceiling (palm might be towards head to prevent contortion).

while performing pulmonary flush

(for example when flushing yourself into a O2-rebreather loop)

counting the cycles by showing 1 to 3 fingers




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