Engine-specific Rebreather Mailing Lists


This list is open to everyone who is qualified to dive the Draeger Atlantis/Dolphin Rebreathers. This list is independent from Dräger.


This list is exclusively for qualified Buddy-Inspiration-Users,
to subscribe you have to ask A.P.Valves .  


This list is for Buddy-Inspiration-Users and those who are interrested to be, the main Language on it is German.


The Rebreather-Mailinglist concerning all Russian Engines.


If you have problems with one the mailing-lists please do not ask me, ask those who run the server you have the Problems with.

  • To find out how to subscribe on the Inspiration-List ask your Inspiration-Instructor, other users of this engine or A.P.Valves .  
  • If you can not find a mailinglist for the rebreather you dive, ask other users, set one up and let me know.



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