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Buddy Inspiration, the Rebreather from A.P. Valves

Oh, you spotted me..
I'm the diver with the Buddy Inspiration, the Diver on the left side of the picture is Harry, a German navy seal, wearing an IDA-71.


You wanted to see this, did'nt you ?

That is an inside view of the Buddy Inspiration.

On the left side is the place for the diluent bottle, on the right side for the oxygen bottle.

In the middle you see the cover of the lime and sensor housing. The body of that tank stays in the background on the right side, behind the lime cartridge.

In the right foreground you see the mouth-peace, to close it the white part is tuned down while fixing the hoses.


For many of us the Buddy Inspiration from A.P. Valves surely was the exhibit of the year at the Boot'98.
This device personifies the dream of soundless, long diving in nearly every depth. Of course no cheap business, the Buddy Inspiration is a computer controlled fully closed Mixedgas-Rebreather, it is run with "Breathing-Lime", Oxygen and, depending on the planed usage, Air or Trimix.
The limits are mainly given by the imperative redundancy, just think about the decompression time you need for a 4-hour 30m-dive.
The usage of a constant Oxygen-Partialpressure gives you some benefits:

Some nice features of the Buddy Inspiration:

The Buddy Inspiration uses the following redundancy:

Naturally this complex technology requires divers who qualified for it, just like any other rebreather.






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