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Advantages of Rebreather-SCUBA-Diving

Mark (at one of his first Rebreather-Dives) and Dolphin
Photo: George Savvidis

In my eyes the main advantage is in nature-observation.

Rebreathers are extremely quiet, compared with open systems, this is the reason why more wild animals will come and observe you.

You also have more time for observation:

Then you need 100bar*l/min Air in 30m on OC, on CCR you only need 1bar*l Oxygen per minute, independent of depth.

Also your Decompression is optimised on CCR: on OC-Air your no-decompression-time on 30m is about 15minutes, on Nitrox-CCR you can stay 31minutes at that depth without the need of decompression-stops (calculated with ppO2=1.6bar and "Deco92-II").

Diving with rebreathers is no novelty, it is the original way of SCUBA-Diving and possible since about 1879.

The reason why more divers do OC-Air instead of Rebreather is that Rebreather-diving is not that easy to learn and requires more technical and logistic resurces.




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