Draeger Ray

The Draeger Ray is a Nitrox-SCR that is designed for 60minute dives. It was introduced at the Boot 1999.

That gadget is small, lightweight and as every rebreather it is quiet and so predestinated for nature observation. In some genius way the new gadget looks kindred to the classic Dräger138 (that's the Rebreather Hans Hass used) and the Medi-Nixe. On top of it all the new edition is build so that it can be combined with a high value ABLJ, that I strongly recommend.

Technical Data


Semi-closed Rebreather with constant dosage and additional lung demand gas supply, CO2 absorption with scrubber canister.


DiveSorb®; approximately 1,25 kg per filling.


Approximately 14kg.

Pressure cylinder:

4 Litre * 200 bar

Diving depth and Duration:

22 msw, 70 min (Nitrox 50)

Courtesy Brigitte Moerkerken for the pictures below.